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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 11, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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11th. veteran's tay. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane and we thank you for your service. angie is here with traffic. hopefully light traffic. >> howard is saying it will be another great day. >> it has been light duty this week in the we office. comfortable temperatures 64, 63 has been the high this week on monday, tuesday and wednesday. nice stuff out there. let's get you going with the day planner. start in the 30s and 40s early. noontime upper 50s. 3:00 p.m. around that 60-degree mark, give or take a couple of degrees and clear at 6:00 with temperatures in the mid mid 50s and winds from the north at ten miles an hour. right now 30 in manassas is the cold spot. 32 frederick, peterburg,
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cumberland. 44 newland for bill. and 46 here in town. highs in the upper 50s to the bay. near 60 in andrews and culpeper could get up to 65. here's angie with the latest time saver traffic. >> sounds good to me. so glad you could join us on this thursday morning. we are showing you the live conditions on 395 northbound, crossing the 14th street bridge, lingering construction is taking away the left lane. 66 eastbound, everything is clear out of gainesville to inside the beltway. good morning, maryland. you are our next stop. 270 southbound, construction to watch for going in both directions near 370. on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue, we have the right lane getting by because of the lingering construction it should be clearing by the 5:00 hour. in the next report, we will
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look at the drive from the eastern shore on 550. that's at 4:39. here's a look at the stories we have been following while you slept. >> police in greenbelt, maryland are searching for the person who shot at and tried to rob an off-duty police officer. it happened at an apartment complex in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. the officer says he was approached by a demand who demanded his wall let. at some point the suspect fired a shot at the officer at close range. the officer wasn't hit and was able to return fire. the suspect fled. police have not released a description. carnival's ship splendor is closer to arriving in san diego. an engine cut off power on monday. yesterday they entered cell phone range allowing the passengers and crew to finally reach loved ones. the ship is expected to arrive in port by this evening. lifting the ban on gays in
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the military would have minimal and isolated risk during the war efforts. sources tell the "washington post" that statement is from a surae done with u.s. troops and their families. president obama is spending this veteran's day in south korea. >> in a speech at the u.s. base in seoul he saluted the troops that fought in the korean war and those serving around the world. earlier this morning he laid a wreath at the korean war memorial. the president is also attending the grand jury-20 economic summit while he is there. >> you will see at this summit a broad-based agreement from all countries, including germany, that we need to ensure balanced and sustainable growth. >> reporter: the president is due back in washington this weekend. after leaving seoul korea he will stop in japan to wrap up the four-country tour of asia.
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thousands are expected to gather at the vietnam veterans memorial for the veteran's day observe zag advance at the mall. >> it was built to honor those who sevenned in the war. a similar ceremony is set in a few hours at 9:00 a.m. at the world war ii memorial. construction on the memorial dedicated to disabled service members is underway. yesterday, hundreds of veterans and guests gathered on the southwest side of the capitol for the ground breaking ceremony. the 2.5-acre site is dedicated to the millions of living veterans who were disabled by their service. organizers want to dedicate the memorial on veteran's day in 2012. good morning. if you are just waking up. if you are a federal working the incoming speaker of the house wants to get his hands on your paycheck. john boehner is calling for a hiring and pay freeze and some of the caucus want pay cuts. gary has more on the talks of a possible 10 to 20% pay cut from posal coming from the incoming
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gop controlled house. >> "usa today" published startling figures on wednesday. the number of federal workers earning more than $150,000 a year, ten times as many in the last five years the number of pentagon civilian workers earning more than 170,000 more, 994. veteran federal workers have seen their pay jump 25% since 2005. >> we ought to freeze the pay. it's gotten to a point where the ample federal worker makes twice as much as the average private sector worker. >> reporter: office of personnel management director john berry says in almost all cases, they, federal workers, earn less than their counterparts in the civilian workers. >> the last decade, average federal pay increased 60% which is double the 30% increase in the private sector. >> we asked federal workers
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overpaid. >> me, personally, no. >> bad perception. >> working for america, so i don't see what the problem is. >> i want to serve the american public is. i work hard for what i get. my counter parts in the private industry make more than i do. >> reporter: some taxpayers think boehner is right. >> cut back their pay. >> decrease their pay. >> i agree. i think the police, fire and teachers get to get well paid more so than the federal workers. >> you have to look a the trend and the trend show the federal pay has gotten out of control the last decade. >> reporter: president obama is asking for a 1.4% pay increase for federal workers. northern virginia congressman jim moran who represents a lot of workers in the district issued a statement promises a fight. one thing is clear, if you are a federal worker, your paycheck is in the sights of budget cutters who believe you are
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overpaid. prosecutors are dropping a count of attempted sexual assault against ingmar guandique but defense attorneys are asking the judge to drop the entire case because of lack of evidence. yesterday an fbi agent testified that gary condit's dna was found on underwear recovered from levy's apartment, but when investigators recovered levy's remains more than a year after she disappeared neither condit's dna or ingmar guandique's was there. finding solutions to the problems with the metro system. what the transit agency is doing to reduce consumer complaints. after a record high in september, the number of americans dealing with foreclosure has dropped significantly. it is 4:37. you are watching 9 news now. [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint.
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welcome back this thursday
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morning. happy veteran's day. another nice day ahead for you. if you are going to be outside enjoying the day you need a jacket. we are starting in the 30s and 40s. we will top off in the low 60s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 58. angie, how's it going? >> nice and smooth. easy riding on 50 westbound from the eastern shore past 97 to the district. in the next report, coming up we will have a look at highway the holidays afc the a lot of the -- affect a lot of the main roads. back to you. time for the first your money report of the morning. >> the g-20 summit is going on in south korea and there are a lot of concerns about that on wall street and worries about europe's growing debt problem and it has been weighing on the market but asian stocks overnight were mostly higher. and checking the markets for
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you -- the federal reserve's plan to buy $600 billion in treasury bonds hasn't incited critics to complain of inflation and financial turmoil. it turns out many foreigners are angry about this, too. at the summit of world leaders in seoul, the fed's plan has set off a heated debate saying it gives exporters an unfair edge, one that endangers the economy. here's good news about foreclosure rates. the number of homes repossessed last month fell by 9%. the reason why self maker lenders temporarily halted most of their foreclosures after allegations that thousands were handled improperly. lenders are on pace to seize a million homes this year. here's the temporary problem. we are seeing the numbers come down. the second they start to
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repossess again there will be a spike. the face of country music is changing and the new is taking control. and a blunt antismoking campaign that would go on the side of every tobacco product. we'll be right back. 3q
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good morning. howard bernstein is here with a good day forecast. especially if you are enjoying the holidays. >> it was nice to be outside with a pair of short and sweatshirt. >> feeling good. >> we went to the national zoo and could not find the hee cheetah. it is always asleep or inside. >> maybe you have to go at night. nocturnal animal. >> maybe. today -- the day was gorgeous. the zoo was well populated. a lot of animals.
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>> it is free so no excuse not to check out zoo lights. the bus stop forecast on this veteran's day. some half days in montgomery county today. this morning, it is going to be clear and chilly. 30s and 40s. jacket weather. little gloves throughout. sun sets at 4:58. the day planner for this thursday, sunny, 9:00 temperature 49 degrees. northernly winds at nine miles an hour. we will keep the northernly winds all day. upper 50s at noon. upper 50s at five with upper 50s to low 60s around 2:30, 3:30 this afternoon. 49 on the bay in annapolis. 45 cambridge. pax river is 50 degrees a the naval air station. mid-30s in luray, winchester, cumberland and frederick to the
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freezing mark. manassas is at 34. dew points in the 30s and with the wind from the northwest at 8 we have a wind chill of 42. this is typical for november. what hasn't been typical are the high temperatures. running a few degrees above average. we have been hitting 63, 64 consistently all week. a lot of cold out west. you see casper 27. denver 33. they are dealing with snow in the mountains. in the east, we have a chill. ton of warmer temperatures are coming to chicago which is 50 this morning. that is ahead of a storm system that will eventually make it here. everything is moving so slowly in the atmosphere, while we have the storms this the west and another off shore it will take some time to get here. remember the storm in the atlantic? that's been there four days now. it is starting to move. some showers off shore. and we have been on the great side of the storm. far enough away from it that high pressure has been anchored
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over us. giving us great weather. as we go through the day today, there's nothing but sunshine here. i'm advancing the future cast through tonight in to friday. and you'll notice again high pressure in control here. we see showers to the west with that storm system. that's not going to get here until sometimes looks like tuesday. slight chance we will get some in here on monday night and i know the skins are at home with the eagles on sunday night. for veteran's day 62 this afternoon. tomorrow pleasant and 64. saturday down right nice. no excuse not to get outside and do whatever needs to be done. upper 60s on saturday. looking ahead, sunday, mid-60s. a few more clouds return. monday 62 and could be a late shower and by tuesday, here's the chilly rain. only looking at highs between 50 and 55. it is 46. at 4:47. here's angie with the time saver traffic. right now, because of the veteran's day holiday, we have a lot of roads that will be
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impacted. looks like we will be on the weekend and holiday patterns on 16th, connecticut, canal, the rock creek parkway, beach drive and also independence. so please just remember that when you hit the roads this morning. volume overall, should be lighter than usual. construction, we are hearing it is clearing on the outer loop. it is out of here near the new hampshire avenue exit. that's good news. 270 southbound. we are tracking the traffic here. construction in both directions near the i-370 exit. let's take you to virginia. 395 northbound, no hov restrictions because of the holiday. the same goes for our next road, 95 northbound. looks like the drivers are moving at speed from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. we will have another traffic report for you coming up at 5:05 an look at the main virginia roads. back to you. if you are just waking up, good morning, if you ride metro you know one thing, stress will be part of your daily commute.
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>> with delays, break downs almost daily we have more on how they plan to fix the problem. >> he takes metro everywhere. chairs the metro board and peter benjamin says with confidence a statement he makes hours after meeting with the metro general manager. he wanted to know about the 300- page report released on escalator and elevators. >> how was it interpreted? what did the staff decide they needed to do. >> reporter: he said they decided to pay attention to what the incompany deemed safety sensitive. >> how you are protecting the worker from electrocutions. >> reporter: but what about the brakes wearing down. those problems were labeled merely maintenance and the staff put them on the need to inspect list. >> what they didn't do is an
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accelerated inspection until the accident occurred. >> reporter: on that day when the escalator broke there was too many people on the escalator forcing it to accelerate. the good news is the safety system did kick in to gear, but the bad news is the brakes broke when it did. >> reporter: now that metro is almost finished with inspecting all 588 escalators he wants to make this point to anyone who feels impatient about escalator repairs. >> these are very old escalators. since no one makes the escalators we have now, we are totally rehabbing escalators. >> instead of replacing they are -- >> ripping them down to the frame and replacing every part. we are basically rebuilding them. >> reporter: and that takes months, time, benjamin says we should all afford. >> we don't want any passenger ever to be injured and safety is a key thing that we all have to adopt as our number one priority an i think we did do
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that. >> one thing benjamin did add is that metro should have moved the brake warnings off the maintenance list and put them on the safety sensitive list which means they would have received higher priority. warning, smoking can kill you. >> that's one of the possible in your face new warnings the fda wants to put on cigarette containers. >> they would be able to make the change because of a law passed last year that gives the agency greater power to regulate tobacco and how it is marketed. >> the proposed warnings on cigarette packages are meant to have a shock factor. pictures of lip cancer, a diseased lung, an addicted man smoking through a tracheotomy tube. they say it has worked in other countries and it is time to try it here in the u.s. >> it will discourage nonsmokers, particularly kids from every trying cigarettes. >> reporter: the fda is proposing 36 labels for public comment and expects to make a decision which to use next
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summer. tobacco companies will have 16 months to put them on packaging. >> the first time i seen the ad with the smoke coming out of the gentleman's throat it unnerved me. >> there are people that go around to schools and hope that the shock valley will make a difference. we are teaming up with the boy scouts for another year of the food drive 9. a bag was delivered at the house this weekend, the scouts will be back to pick it up this saturday. in dc they will fan out to all 50 safeway stores as well to collect donations. the most needed items include canned tuna, peanut butter, vegetables, soups, multigrain cereal and hygiene products like deodorant, toothpaste and diapers. learn more about the program at popular college hangout loses its liquor license.
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after several years in the world of entertainment, a beloved country music acon is receiving critical acclaim. we what all want better sleep and good dreams when we lay down at night. >> especially us. >> a study suggests if you eat this before bed you will have both of these things. is it cheese, humus or peanuts? send your answer to us at facebook and we will reveal it later on. 3q
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temperatures at 9:00 upper 40s in town and upper 40s along the bay. lunchtime everyone in the 50s. 60 for stanton and petersburg, west virginia, 63. mid afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s for the high and coming home this afternoon, temperatures back in the 50s. maybe 4 t by 6:00 at andrews and frederick. this may not come as a surprise but apparently this holiday shopping season women will be out in force. >> yes. an american express survey finds 100% of women plan to hit the stores compared to 12% of men who have no holiday shopping plans at all. we have to buy for ourselves if they don't do it. efforts to bring a new convention center and hotel to downtown dc are fanally coming to fruition. this is the ground breaking for the new washington pair marriott marquee hotel.
4:57 am
the a $537 million hotel is built across the street from this dc convention center and will be connected by afternoon underground tunnel. it will draw more big name conventions and generate more in tourism dollars. there's a new power couple being crowned in the world of country music. last night miranda lambert and her new fiance blake shelton walked away with a total of five awards. she won album, female vocalist and video of the year glen. the top award brad paisley was the entertainer of the year. veteran country sing erie be mcintyre is making noise with her latest album. >> this oklahoma red head is staying current without leaving the past behind. >> reporter: after 55 million albums sold ♪ turn on the radio ♪ >> reporter: reba still has
4:58 am
something to say. in her 34th album, "all the women i ask ." >> all of these women i am singing about in the album, it is a perfect titlele almost auto biographical title. >> i love being a mom. i it's the title queen of country that her fans love most. her current single, "turn on the radio "debuted in the top ten on the country billboard charts and another song from an unlikely source. >> when i think reba, i don't think beyonce. >> true. >> what made you cover if i were a boy. >> i got the lyrics of the song and said oh, that's what that is about. so we did it and then it went viral ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: after 40 years of making music, reba mcentire knows how to stay relevant. >> i have my grand kids that
4:59 am
say, oh, grandma you have to listen to this. >> reporter: this 55-year-old country music superstar has embraced the new generation without alienating the old. >> we were doing a meet and greet after one of my shows and it was a man and his daughter and my daughter and he looked at me and said i raised them right. >> reporter: whatever the age, her fans are still turning on the radio ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: alexis christoforous, cbs news, work. the album released this week. >> she is a former kindergarten teacher. did her service in the classroom, as well. great woman. good to meet you. at 5:00 5:00 a.m. on 9 news now, i'm andrea roane. happy veteran's day. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie will have the traffic in a moment but first the weather with howard. >> it will be light here at


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